A brief introduction!

Pre-Production is well under way here! And over the coming week our full promotional campaign should kick into gear, and hopefully create a bit of interest around this project!

So what actually is it? What are we working on?

Well, to give a very quick, and brief introduction to our film:

It is an effort to inspire empathy through film. We plan to take the audience into the mind of a trans person, and truly let them see what it is like to be transgender, and to live in our society as one of us. Directed and written by trans people, and staring a trans* actress (we have already had a good amount of interest in the role, but more is welcome!) – it’s a film made by trans people, to give a true depiction of trans life.

Its written to take you through a day in the life of a trans women, from waking up and getting ready – through to going outside and dealing with the public – to friends, dating, and dyshporia. It shot mostly from the perspective of the trans* person. The audience will see, through her eyes, the looks she gets on the street and the comments she has to endure. Whilst the whole time being narrated by her thoughts, as she worries about life, ponders on gender and her identity, and talks nonsense about rabbits! (Well peoples thoughts are not always rational!)

Being filmed in November, we hope this will be a very effective and emotional portrayal of trans* life, in a way that hasn’t yet been done.

We have a growing team of trans and LGBT individuals working on the project, and over the coming weeks we will be releasing more information, and all sorts! As well as looking for more individuals to get involved, in some specific roles we have yet to fill!

– The team!


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