Call for support!

** This may be a long-shot, but we are willing to try anything to make this project a success. So if this wouldn’t apply to your blog, then please just ignore this message **

currently I am part of a team of trans* and LGBT individuals that are working on a film project, to try and create a greater level of empathy between the general public and LGBT community.

It’s a small project, run by a dedicated and hardworking team of volunteers, each giving all the time they can (sometimes more than they should) to make it a success.

We would be really appreciative though, if a few larger LGBT related blogs, could give us a signal boost, and share our campaign with their members/followers. A project like this, only needs to find a few generous and passionate individuals to really make it a success, and to make a really big difference – and any help in doing this would be appreciated more then we can show!

A brief introduction of the project:

‘Through Her Eyes’ Is the first in a series of short films, aiming to show the general public what life is like for LGBT+ individuals. It’s shot as if through their eyes, and takes the audience through a day in the life of LGBT+ individuals.

The first in the series, ‘Through Her Eyes’, Shows us life as a trans women. We see the world from her perspective: going out in public, passing, getting ready, dating, abuse, harassment, all from her eyes, and narrated by her thoughts.

Currently in pre-production the series aims to develop a much greater understanding, within the general public, of what life is like for LGBT individuals. It provides a true, and accurate representation of LGBT+ life, created by, and starting members of the community itself.

–          Links to the project sites:


it’s very early days, and our campaign only went public a day ago, and we would appreciate any help with making this a success!

Thank you!


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