Day 4 Update:

Day 4 Update:

Well it’s been a busy day! But a very successful one!

Our funding has sky rocketed, as we approach the end of day 4, we are now 76% funded! So a huge thank you to everyone who is making this possible!

Our work today has mainly been promotional, reaching out to more and more people, writing articles for publications, sending out press packs, and talking with some very inspirational blogs and websites, all working hard to make a difference!

We also welcomed a new team-member to our crew, another passionate trans* individual, very focused on equality and working hard for a better society. Looking forward to working with him, and to releasing the full details of our cast and crew over the next few days!

Thank you to everyone who is helping to make this project a success. As we approach nearer the £500 mark, we grow more and more confident about what this can achieve. The more resources we have, the more possibilities we open for helping people – so please do keep sharing, keep helping out, and keep supporting, and maybe together we can push past the £500 mark, and on to great things!

Thank you

– The team


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