Day 5 Update

Day 5 Update

Day6 update!
Our daily morning update:
Great and productive meeting last night, and we can very happily now welcome two new trans* members to our team: Adrian Williams, and Korey Livingstone. Both will be taking on a variety of responsibilities, and provide new trans* opinions and experiences to the project!
After last night’s troubles (see previous posts) all of our work today does feel like it has an increased importance. This is a project, which to me, on a personal level, has to succeed and will succeed. The worst outcome that could happen Is that it takes longer than planned, or parts have to be re-done, but anyone considering funding.. or anyone who already has funded, can rest assured that the project will not end, and the work will not cease until It is perfect – and Until It has helped and reach and achieved as much good as it possibly can.
Lots of press/promotional work together, and we have a few more articles lined up for both now, and once the film is produced. There are also 2 radio interviews coming up – both of which will be put up on here!
Exciting times, and except for the blip last night, everything is very positive!
Keep up all the good work sharing and supporting.
Thank you!
Lily & Team.


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