“It” / “Abuse”

“It” / “Abuse”

This is me, Lily – The organiser of the film.

This photo was taken just as I arrived back from a production meeting for the film. I don’t look very feminine: by this point I had been on the go for 14 hours, mostly working on the film. My hair is just casually tied back, I’m wearing minimal makeup, casual old clothes… All in all, not passing very well.

Even with all this in mind, you are still taken by surprise when the abuse comes.

It’s almost too perfect, is it not? Trans* women, is on her way home from a meeting for a film about trans* abuse.. and then suffers abuse herself.

Somehow the bittersweet timing of the whole thing, did still manage to reach me, as I blocked out the sound of guy shouting

[By this point I’m escaping away very swiftly..]

I won’t go into full details of what else was said.. it’s not productive for any of us, and after an evening of this, then having to look at a picture of myself, I would prefer to just pretend none of it exists.

I wasn’t even going to mention it. As I walked home, I thought:

“no I won’t use a bad event, as a way to hit home a message about my film project”

But then the more I thought about it, the more it changed to:

“Yes, actually, I will use it. I will try and take this shitty and awful occurrence and use it in the film promotion?
Why? Because the thought of turning their abuse, into a tool for helping people. The idea that their hatred, would end up helping to raise money to support the very thing they so explicitly hate? Is just one that I can’t resist”

There will be no further updates this evening, as I just want to forget I exist for a little while, and ignore trans* things.

Thank you all for your support on the project, it means so much to me. Even more so, in light of tonight’s events, that you are all so willing to help out and stop things like this from happening.

For anyone who is still thinking about supporting the cause: Please Please do. I don’t want anyone to feel as I do now, and I don’t want anyone to be treated with as little worth and value as I was tonight.
– Lily Workman



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