Become an Executive Producer!

Become an Executive Producer!
We are so close to our next target of £1000! Please consider donating, and helping support a group of trans* individuals to create something quite special!
‘Through Her Eyes’ Is a short film campaign, which aims to improve the general public’s understanding of trans* issues. We aim to inspire a greater sense of empathy, by showing the public what life is actually like, directly through the eyes of trans* people.’
Please consider donating a very small amount, and supporting this worthwhile cause today!
Help us reach our goal, and you will be amazed at what we can do!

Become an executive producer on an exciting LGBT short film project!
This is a great chance for a passionate individual to become the executive producer on an exciting new film with a lot of potential!
‘Through Her Eyes’ Is an LGBT short film, that is developing rapidly into a very accomplished film project.
Despite production not starting until the 10th of November, the project has already received national press coverage. It has been featured in 4 online and print publications, many relevant and popular websites, and on 2 radio shows. The press and LGBT population are certainly getting behind this project!
A public campaign to top-up the films budget was launched 8 days ago, and reached 100% completion in under 4 days, and is now nearly at 200% of its target amount. Coupled with large social media campaigns on tumblr, twitter, facebook and wordpress, and this film is picking up substantial momentum!
Being produced in November+ December 2013, the film will receive both a premiere screening in London(uk), tour around LGBT and general film festivals, and be hosted privately online, on a site dedicated to supporting and helping improve the knowledge and understanding of trans* issues.
This is your chance to get involved in a growing project with a lot of potential! It is already making waves and drawing attention, so get involved now, before the momentum takes the project out of reach!
In light of the current success, we have opened up 2 exec producers positions, each requiring a £300 investment/donation to secure. For that you will get all sorts of perks, including the full credit, an invitation to one of the first screenings, an evening with the director/crew, a personal thank you pack – and much more!
We really believe that there is no better offer, for someone looking to support the production of a worthwhile film!
Please, consider getting involved today, and do something great for yourself, for the film, and for the LGBT+ community.
Thank you,
The production team.


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