transphobia kills.

transphobia kills.
We have 4 days left.
4 days to generate as much funding and resources for this project as possible.
This plea for funds comes from a very important place. You may have seen many of these posts, we have certainly been posting a lot! But this is just because of how passionate we are for this project.
Out of the trans* people running it, we have all experienced abuse, discrimination, some of us violence, some have been abandoned by our families, some had abusive relationships, and much more. This project does not come out of just a quest to make a difference.. this project comes from an utter desire to make sure no young trans* people suffer the things we have lived through!
We cannot ask you enough, and we cannot emphasise our passion enough, all we can say is:
Please.. Just please, help us.
Don’t ignore this – don’t think this is not your responsibility, or your problem:
Please, Just help.


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