Day 10 Update:


Well, what night last night!

Getting past the 200% funding mark was quite something. A very special feeling knowing how much support we are getting from the LGBT community and beyond!

Promotion has taken a bit of a backseat for the team over the past few days, as we work hard to fill the final few gaps in the production planning. Extras are being found, helpers recruited, transportation booked, equipment hired, shooting schedule locked down etc.

Our attention funding wise has now turned to what will happen after the production of the film. In our heads, our vision for the final home of this film, is a beautiful trans* website, containing the video, and a whole database of information and support resources and links. Websites do have quite a cost attached though, so we would still urge everyone to get involved and help fund the project – and maybe we can, together, create quite a useful and helpful online LGBT resource!

Thank you all!

Lily & Team 


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