A big thank you!

A big thank you!

Thank you all.
Thank you so much!
We have raised a total so far (with 1 or 2 donations still coming in externally):
That is 515% funded.
This pre-production campaign has been unbelievable, both in the hard work and the success that has come from it! For every sleepless night, day of worry, low point of panic.. There has been an example of great support, an occasion where our faith has been completely restored, and now: completion.
So what happens now? Well, all our blogs will move from being promotion blogs, to production blogs! Spamming and asking for help is over, and will be replaced with production updates, pictures, details of how things are going, and the like!
For us, the real work begins – there is barely time to celebrate, as the hard work starts now!
We hope that you love what we produce, as much as we do. And we would just like to say:
Thank you! Thank you for helping us makes this a reality, and thank you for giving us the chance to really try and make a difference.
Together we can achieve something truly inspirational!


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