Support Saves Lives

Support Saves Lives

After our post yesterday, which highlighted the awful consequences of transphobia, today we felt like looking at the positive side.
This project is not here to show everyone how bad the world is – but rather to help more people understand, so that they in turn can be supportive and accepting of trans* people.
Having someone willing to help you, stand by your side, be there when you are dsyphoric, love and accept you no matter what you are going through – really can save lives.
We want to drown out the transphobic reactions with support and acceptance. Let’s show them just how much we can support each other, help each other – and fight for each other!
Our trans* short film campaign has 3 days left, please do get involved today and help our cause!
Thank you!


Day 10 Update:


Well, what night last night!

Getting past the 200% funding mark was quite something. A very special feeling knowing how much support we are getting from the LGBT community and beyond!

Promotion has taken a bit of a backseat for the team over the past few days, as we work hard to fill the final few gaps in the production planning. Extras are being found, helpers recruited, transportation booked, equipment hired, shooting schedule locked down etc.

Our attention funding wise has now turned to what will happen after the production of the film. In our heads, our vision for the final home of this film, is a beautiful trans* website, containing the video, and a whole database of information and support resources and links. Websites do have quite a cost attached though, so we would still urge everyone to get involved and help fund the project – and maybe we can, together, create quite a useful and helpful online LGBT resource!

Thank you all!

Lily & Team 

transphobia kills.

transphobia kills.
We have 4 days left.
4 days to generate as much funding and resources for this project as possible.
This plea for funds comes from a very important place. You may have seen many of these posts, we have certainly been posting a lot! But this is just because of how passionate we are for this project.
Out of the trans* people running it, we have all experienced abuse, discrimination, some of us violence, some have been abandoned by our families, some had abusive relationships, and much more. This project does not come out of just a quest to make a difference.. this project comes from an utter desire to make sure no young trans* people suffer the things we have lived through!
We cannot ask you enough, and we cannot emphasise our passion enough, all we can say is:
Please.. Just please, help us.
Don’t ignore this – don’t think this is not your responsibility, or your problem:
Please, Just help.

Become an Executive Producer!

Become an Executive Producer!
We are so close to our next target of £1000! Please consider donating, and helping support a group of trans* individuals to create something quite special!
‘Through Her Eyes’ Is a short film campaign, which aims to improve the general public’s understanding of trans* issues. We aim to inspire a greater sense of empathy, by showing the public what life is actually like, directly through the eyes of trans* people.’
Please consider donating a very small amount, and supporting this worthwhile cause today!
Help us reach our goal, and you will be amazed at what we can do!

Become an executive producer on an exciting LGBT short film project!
This is a great chance for a passionate individual to become the executive producer on an exciting new film with a lot of potential!
‘Through Her Eyes’ Is an LGBT short film, that is developing rapidly into a very accomplished film project.
Despite production not starting until the 10th of November, the project has already received national press coverage. It has been featured in 4 online and print publications, many relevant and popular websites, and on 2 radio shows. The press and LGBT population are certainly getting behind this project!
A public campaign to top-up the films budget was launched 8 days ago, and reached 100% completion in under 4 days, and is now nearly at 200% of its target amount. Coupled with large social media campaigns on tumblr, twitter, facebook and wordpress, and this film is picking up substantial momentum!
Being produced in November+ December 2013, the film will receive both a premiere screening in London(uk), tour around LGBT and general film festivals, and be hosted privately online, on a site dedicated to supporting and helping improve the knowledge and understanding of trans* issues.
This is your chance to get involved in a growing project with a lot of potential! It is already making waves and drawing attention, so get involved now, before the momentum takes the project out of reach!
In light of the current success, we have opened up 2 exec producers positions, each requiring a £300 investment/donation to secure. For that you will get all sorts of perks, including the full credit, an invitation to one of the first screenings, an evening with the director/crew, a personal thank you pack – and much more!
We really believe that there is no better offer, for someone looking to support the production of a worthwhile film!
Please, consider getting involved today, and do something great for yourself, for the film, and for the LGBT+ community.
Thank you,
The production team.

Day 8-9 Update:

Day 8-9 Update:

The pressure is on here! The large success of our public campaign, may have provided us with improved funds, and a good following of supporters and connections, but, it has also piled on the pressure!
We are more committed than ever to making this film the best it can be!
Today we finalised all of the technical aspects of the production. The gear, cameras, recording equipment etc, is now all planned, prepared and organised! Having seen the level of gear we now have available to us (thanks to all your help with the funding) I am personally very excited to see just how stunningly beautiful this production will look.
Of course the aesthetics are not the priority on a project like this, though; helping people and spreading a message is where the success lies. On that front, our script is now in the hands of a wonderful and talented trans* girl in the USA, who is currently adding yet another trans* contribution and voice, to the project!
There will be many more updates over the next few days, as we begin casting extras and reveal the final crew members of our team!
(Also keep an eye out for our new funding option!)
Thank you all!

Lily + Team


Another thank you! to everyone who has helped us and supported us, since the last time I posted a rainbow-thank-you.

Lots happening here, This week our focus moves from promotion, to preparation for the production of the film, which starts in only a weeks time!

On the promotion end, though, Coverage and options are still coming in! We have around 5-6 articles that are currently being written, and over the next week we will be featured on (currently) 2 radio shows..

Of course we will post links to them all on here, and upload the audio files from the radio interviews!

Thanks for the support, I am delighted to see how this is progressing – and it is already exciting looking at the greater prospects and possibilities that this funding is giving us!

Day 7 update:

Day 7 update:

We are now half way through the funding campaign!

Who would have guessed that it would go this well?

Anyway, the team is well underway with our final production preparations, and planning! – its only just over a week until we start filming, and there is a lot to do!

One of the things, throughout this project, which has really touched me though – is the volume of support, and the connections you make. It’s wonderful to be getting regularly contacted by other trans* activists, LGBT musicians and artists, LGBT individuals in the media, all working hard to make a difference!

Far too often the work of small projects goes un noticed. It’s all too easy to focus on the big organisations, the stonewall and similar – and to forget the thousands of hard working individuals offering as much time as they can to local small LGBT projects and campaigns. They all work so hard, for the good of many – and I am delighted to be meeting more and more of them by the day!

Today, I will wake up feeling the pressure, and the responsibility of having to deliver results, and having to live up to the level of support that this project has received. This is a good thing though, its this responsibility, that will push this through to completion, and ensure that nothing is left un-finished, or less than perfect.

We will not let you down.

Thank you for your continued support.

Lily (& team) 

Day 5 Update

Day 5 Update

Day6 update!
Our daily morning update:
Great and productive meeting last night, and we can very happily now welcome two new trans* members to our team: Adrian Williams, and Korey Livingstone. Both will be taking on a variety of responsibilities, and provide new trans* opinions and experiences to the project!
After last night’s troubles (see previous posts) all of our work today does feel like it has an increased importance. This is a project, which to me, on a personal level, has to succeed and will succeed. The worst outcome that could happen Is that it takes longer than planned, or parts have to be re-done, but anyone considering funding.. or anyone who already has funded, can rest assured that the project will not end, and the work will not cease until It is perfect – and Until It has helped and reach and achieved as much good as it possibly can.
Lots of press/promotional work together, and we have a few more articles lined up for both now, and once the film is produced. There are also 2 radio interviews coming up – both of which will be put up on here!
Exciting times, and except for the blip last night, everything is very positive!
Keep up all the good work sharing and supporting.
Thank you!
Lily & Team.

“It” / “Abuse”

“It” / “Abuse”

This is me, Lily – The organiser of the film.

This photo was taken just as I arrived back from a production meeting for the film. I don’t look very feminine: by this point I had been on the go for 14 hours, mostly working on the film. My hair is just casually tied back, I’m wearing minimal makeup, casual old clothes… All in all, not passing very well.

Even with all this in mind, you are still taken by surprise when the abuse comes.

It’s almost too perfect, is it not? Trans* women, is on her way home from a meeting for a film about trans* abuse.. and then suffers abuse herself.

Somehow the bittersweet timing of the whole thing, did still manage to reach me, as I blocked out the sound of guy shouting

[By this point I’m escaping away very swiftly..]

I won’t go into full details of what else was said.. it’s not productive for any of us, and after an evening of this, then having to look at a picture of myself, I would prefer to just pretend none of it exists.

I wasn’t even going to mention it. As I walked home, I thought:

“no I won’t use a bad event, as a way to hit home a message about my film project”

But then the more I thought about it, the more it changed to:

“Yes, actually, I will use it. I will try and take this shitty and awful occurrence and use it in the film promotion?
Why? Because the thought of turning their abuse, into a tool for helping people. The idea that their hatred, would end up helping to raise money to support the very thing they so explicitly hate? Is just one that I can’t resist”

There will be no further updates this evening, as I just want to forget I exist for a little while, and ignore trans* things.

Thank you all for your support on the project, it means so much to me. Even more so, in light of tonight’s events, that you are all so willing to help out and stop things like this from happening.

For anyone who is still thinking about supporting the cause: Please Please do. I don’t want anyone to feel as I do now, and I don’t want anyone to be treated with as little worth and value as I was tonight.
– Lily Workman

Day 5 Update:

Day 5 Update:

Wow. What can I say? I am blown away by what happened yesterday.

Today I woke up, for the first time, with the realisation that this is happening. No questions, no doubts, we are going to be doing this, and we are going to be making a difference.

It doesn’t stop here though, our campaign still has 9 days, and throughout that we will be pushing just as hard to get new people involved in the project, following what is happening, and supporting our cause! So please do keep sharing, keep checking out the campaign pages, and keep supporting!

Today there is no time to celebrate though. Securing the funding is just one of the many small steps to making this project a success, and we must move on, keep working, and keep trying.

Today We have a script meeting later with some of the team, A lot more promotion to do, and a full technical planning session to work through!

Thank you all for the support!

Lily & co. 

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